photographer / director
"when he is shooting, he brings true, hardcore reality out of all of us. his pictures are emotional, really clever, beautiful, insightful, thoughtful, very very cool.“ ben cook, fashion director ministry / photographer-director

"to work with hp is a dream.“ jo levin, fashion director british GQ / creative director

"hanspeter doesn‘t just bring out a person‘s personality. he speeds them up, he makes them fly.“ stephan meyer, fashion director german GQ

"in a business full of big-heads and big-asses, it‘s seldom to find somebody with a big heart like hp.“ tom jacobi, creative director stern magazin / photographer

"it‘s real, it provokes a reaction - hanspeter‘s photograph‘s always do. he is a leading european fashion photographer.“ rankin, photographer-director-publisher

"his pictures are real and authentic." allen porter, art critic and editor in chief camera magazine